This is a guide made by Ember Incubus. Hope you enjoy.

The content of G8, if used right, can be extremely satisfying. There are many new things that can be done here.

Fossil Restoration
Lava Cat Robe
One very particular attraction for the new continent of Zardine is the fossil mining function in the sulfur mines. It is a great way to get some extra cash, plenty of exploration exp, and if lucky, the great lava cat robe.

The sulfur mines are quite far off. Head off to where the tracks end in the map. I would hope you have a bird for this, but try to stay on low altitude. The Wyverns are very hostile to anything that flies. Be careful in noting that the sulfur mines are poisonous to you. Leaving by normal means cures your poison, but continent warping will give you permanent poisoning, yes this is a glitch.

Bring a Pickax. It also should be blessed, they break really fast. Pick away at those rocks until Sulfur (or hopefully, fossils) drop. Your original goal is fossils, but if you have spare inventory, pick up 10 sulfur. They can be traded in for holy water.

Fossil RestorationEdit

This is the difficult part. So you have the fossil, but the people in the camp are way too lazy to restore it for you. Thus nexon makes us do things the hard way once again, damn nexon. Click, what I think will be translate into "use", on the fossil and you will see the odd dye like screen.

The entire drawing is now a, and your cursor has become the eraser tool. The size controls are on the top right, and the fossil picture is on the bottom. Your goal is to remove much of the sulfur as possible without harming the fossil. The greater you do, the better your prizes.

This is what it means to do a "great" job in nexon's standards. Remember that it is better to have less red than to have more sulfur, so be EXTREMELY cautious about damaging the fossil. If you screw up too badly, log off and log back in, your fossil will be preserved. Honestly, I, Ember Incubus, can't even do it correctly.

The ProcessEdit

First, take the small brush, and go in lines to cut out the small details of the fossil. If you make mistakes, its okay, because you don't have time to be paying attention to details. Next off, switch to the big brush and recklessly erase the background. If you have any time left, switch back to the small brush and now do any of the small details. Try to click numerous times at this stage rather than dragging your mouse for precision. You never use the medium-sized brush.

If you restore a fossil correctly, you will have to go get it checked out like you would for a coucle artifact. There are different ranks... and the worst I've had gave me 550 gold and 200 exp, I think, and the best was 3000 gold and 1650 exp and a Lava Cat Robe.

To cash in your prize, you talk to the healer of Calida Base Camp, Belita in the camp. The third choice should allow you to show it to her. She also gives you the hoy water for those sulfurs. This PTJ starts before Noon-in-game making it very beneficial.