Okay, well I guess you want to make someone a Decsendant. This is a great guild with uber fun and active people who love Mabinogi. There is one thing that you should know. We the Decssendants are all Decsendants of Ruairi, as in the Server. If you know a person that would like to apply ask hawk400206/Ember Incubus first. You should at least be used to the Mabi system if you are new. You must be total level 90 minimum. If you are a veteran player please be nice and just be you. To become a guild member your application will go through either hawk400206/Ember Incubus (the leader) or Nadeshikouu (the person second in command).

Also you may be required for a test. You will have to pass the test in order to join if you are required to take one.

Being a Decsendant is being family. Always remember that. We are an awesome guild with uber people. If there are anymore questions ask hawk400206/Ember Incubus on his Talk Page.